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Ancient Egypt links
Usborne - search for Pages 134-34, 136-37, 138-39

Royal Museum of Ontario
British Museum
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PBS - great links
Egypt site

British Museum - pyramids
BBC - pyramid game

Panorama of Giza
Pyramids for Kids
BBC - pyramids

Ancient Egypt for kids - pyramids
Journey to the After Life
Prepare the Body
Check it out
Afterlife Ceremonies
Check here
From Rochester University
From Carnegie Mellon
More from Carnegie
Burial Customs

Gods and Godesses
British Museum

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Links to virtual tours of Ancient Egypt - click here
Discovering Ancient Egypt - click here
Mr. Donn's - great sites with information and pictures about daily life.
More about daily life in Egypt
Neferchichi's Tomb - fun site
Links about mummies - click here
Disgusting but neat - You wouldn't want to be a Mummy.
Links to museums with wonderful information and pictures about Ancient Egypt - click here
Activites from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago - click here.
Multimedia guide to Ancient Egypt - click here
Narmer's palette
Mr. Nussbaum's informative site

Tomb robbers BBC- click here
Discovery Education - video about tomb robbers - click here
Social Pyramid Activity - in lab only at this time.
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