The goal of this page is to provide a links that will help to build the basic technology skills of teachers. A technology capable teacher is a confident technology integration teacher!!

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning consists of thousands of short tutorials covering over ninety of the most common software applications in use today. Each tutorial section is only a minute or two in length and focuses on how to perform a specific task. - similar to Atomic Learning. Getting Started Guide -

The Digital Education Network offers software tutorials. The tutorials on this site are aimed at students in grades K-12, and the content includes Internet Explorer 5, Outlook Express, PowerPoint 1998, FrontPage 2000, and Office 2000.

DePaul University - Online Tutorials and other help.
Guides - scroll down
Microsoft Office video tutorials

Danbury, Ct - excellent written directions and help with the right software to use.

AECT Project - Penn State - free - designed to help teachers master technology
Assess yourself - set goals - take tutorials

Internet for Classrooms also contains free software tutorials aimed at students and teachers. Contents include tutorials and tips on programs like Excel, Office, Internet Explorer, and FrontPage, in addition to tips on technology areas like Digital Cameras.

Using a Mouse

Computer and Information Competencies - tutorials and tests of your ability - Utah State University

Short Videos explaining various aspects of Technology from What is the Web - Twitter - PhotoSharing etc. - Common Craft (In Plain English)

Tutorials about the Internet (thanks to the Skokie Public Library -

Basic Web Lessons from AARP

Basic and advanced Internet skills such as email, printing, searching, organizing favorites, customizing, and security are covered in this guide targeted to seniors.

Internet Safety Information from Skokie Public Library

This page from the Skokie Public Library Youth Services Department provides online safety tips, tools, and web links for students, parents, and educators.

Web resource
Web resource
Internet Tutorials from University at Albany Libraries

An excellent collection of beginners' tutorials for Internet users. There are close to two dozen tutorials under the categories Using and Searching the Web, Browsers, and Software Training.

Web resource
Web resource

Use this website to find guides to all aspects of Internet use including topics such as email, downloading, searching, and much more.
Star-Online Professional Development - through Western Illinois - modules (each module gives 10-20 CDPU's approximately) - you can also get graduate credits for this.

Florida is a state that has some wonderful resources for online teacher training:

This part of the site has really helped me: index.html - short videos on how to do lots on the computer. My own tip: if watching a video tutorial, use two computers. Watch on one, stop the video as it progresses and perform the step just watched on the video on your other computer. I usually take notes as well and break it down into steps for myself. Then I go on with the original video. Most Atomic Learning videos are so short this will not add to the time you need to learn something from that library but with these you might have to understand it could take more time. When you are done with this, you are on your way.

Penn State Digital Commons - similar to Florida but this is for less than tech savy college professors who also know that they may need to rethink their mode of teaching and incorporate 21st Century Skills as well. digitalcommons


New Mexico State RETA - a variety of webinars from nuts and bolts to Web 2.0 - geared for K-12 teachers

Learning about Web 2.0

From LaGrange Public Library - 15 Things, one Web 2.0 "thing" aka application per week - a 1/2 hour or less commitment to learn about the application - pick and choose:

Original 23 Things from North Carolina

Other 21/23 Things -

SLAV - check here