Administrative Form and Calendars

SFX School forms and links for teachers to access important calendars

General Resources for Instruction

A long list of websites created specifically for education - lesson plans, web resources, interactive activities for students, classroom management, tips and tricks, tools for teachers to use to create activities, groups of teachers to communicate

Web Resources By Subject

The best websites for lesson plan ideas, interactive activities, multimedia, primary source documents and skills practice listed by subject
Reading -
Treasures -
Treasures - Dist 25 Arlington Heights
Spelling City

6 Traits Writing

6 traits writing resources created by experts, schools who implement 6 traits, consultants, and developers - lesson plans, resources, and graphic organizers

Excel Templates for progress monitoring

Novel Studies coollogo_com_191365176.gif

Free units for every novel imaginable, list of novels used in district 102

Differentiated Instruction

DI resources developed by school districts and developers, strategies, lesson plans, tiered instruction, and technology integration

Cool Tools

Calendars, Quiz Makers, Rubric Makers, Electronic Gradebooks, Accessing movies to help with instruction, Web2.0 websites, and tons of other cool stuff

Sketchcast and Screentoaster -

Examples of Class Web Pages

This is a list of schools that use class webpages. Take a look at these if you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your own class website

Blogging Resources/Information - click here

Teaching Links for Religion

Technology Lessons/Cheat Sheets
Inspiration Video lessons - a series of short videos

Open Source Curriculum

Copyright Issues and Information:
Northshore School District - click here

Graphics and Sounds for Teaching
Christmas Posters
Links to sites with images and sites with Copyright free images and sounds
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Parent Teacher Conferences

Technology Skills
BBC - Everything Internet

Evernote and Springpad

School Climate

Custom Searches created by SFX Staff

Comics in the Classroom

Book Trailers in the Classroom

Pixie 2 Fun
Wiimote Information
Wiimote® Interactive Whiteboard links- click here

Software/Content for Wiimote and other Whiteboards - click here

Tablets or Slates information

Make Your Own Document Camera
Advent Resources
Wiki Workshop/Tips
How to add a document/image to your Wikispace page
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Google Groups Beta
St. Francis Xavier School
Visit this group


(Please forgive the quality of these. I need a little more practice with my "radio voice". The video enhancement is "itty bitty", so wear your best reading glasses!)
Creating a Class Web Page - showcases our friend Chris's hard work!
Using Wikispaces I - the basics
Using Wikispaces II - more wikispaces features
Google Calendar - walks you through the steps of using Google Calendar as a homework calendar

EasyBib Practice


Directions for Changing Pages Template.

Wiki Workshop/Tips
How to add a document/image to your Wikispace page
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